Fresh new look for Holme River bridge

bridge square and low res

We teamed up with Holmfirth charity, Café 100, to give a River Holme bridge a fresh new look.

The bridge which spans the River Holme from the back of the Co-op to Bridge Lane in Holmfirth, was looking rather scruffy and not particularly pleasant to use (see below).

Thanks to funding from Holmfirth and Meltham Lions and the Holmfirth Co-op Community Fund, we commissioned local artist Mark Harrison to work with young people from Café 100 to create a graffiti-style mural on the wall at the side of the bridge.

Grafitti bridge before – low res

Above: The bridge as it was before the artwork by Mark Harrison and Cafe 100 young people.


Adrian Barraclough, Chair of River Holme Connections, explained the reason behind the improvements:

“One of the things that came across loud and clear from public consultation, was that local people wanted the river to look cleaner, brighter and for them to have better access. As well as structural improvements, such as the refurbished Duck Feeding Area, we’re working with many local charities and organisations to improve all parts of the River Holme throughout the catchment.”

We're also keen to encourage young people to take an interest in their local river systems, which is why we chose to partner with Café 100. The Holmfirth charity, aims to provide a safe space and activities for young people in the local area. There are twice-weekly sessions that allow young people to socialise, and learn life skills, such as budgeting and healthy cooking, as well as planned trips. Art plays a big role and, under Mark Harrison’s guidance young people from Café 100 demonstrated their talent by designing and creating the bridge mural.

full bridge low res

Above the new artwork courtesy of Mark Harrison and Cafe 100


The bridge artwork has become a real talking point among local people and this is just the start of many expected improvements to the River Holme.  Adrian Barraclough said:

“It’s amazing how the mural on the Bridge Lane bridge has brightened up that part of the river. The intention is that this is just the beginning and we hope to create more art installations along the river. We want to make the River Holme a place that attracts visitors and is a shining example of how, with thought, care and attention, we can bring our local rivers back to life for people and for wildlife.”

The mural can be seen on the wall at the side of the public access bridge that leads from Bridge Lane in Holmfirth, opposite the entrance to Holmfirth Cricket Club, to the back of the Co-op at Crown Bottom.

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