Helping Burton Safes to manage Japanese knotweed

Burton Safes

Burton Safes have commissioned us to manage Japanese knotweed that’s growing along the riverbank behind their offices in Brockholes.

As part of the three-year contract, we've cleared the invasive weed from the area behind Burton Safes’ office to create a pleasant, riverside area for staff to use during their breaks. Regular treatment will take place over the next three years to prevent re-growth.

Kim Warren, our project officer, said:

“Burton Safes are a really forward thinking organisation when it comes to environmental issues and a great example of best practice when it comes to looking after our river. They’re a fantastic company to work with, and understand the benefits to the environment and their organisation of managing Japanese knotweed, Himalayan balsam and other invasive species, and keeping the river healthy.”

Japanese knotweed is a fast-growing non-native species, which is classified as controlled waste in this country. That means it can only be treated by licensed specialists and disposed of at licensed sites. The roots of this invasive weed have been known to cause structural damage to buildings and can affect property prices. Landowners also have a legal responsibility to control Japanese knotweed on their premises and a recent court case against Network Rail, which failed to manage Japanese knotweed on its land, resulted in significant damages being awarded to neighbouring home owners.

Japanese knotweed before
Japanese knotweed after

Above left: Japanese knotweed along the banks of the River Holme before treatment and above right: the River Holme following Japanese knotweed treatment.

Helping to make the River Holme better

Controlling invasive, non-native species is just one way in which we're helping to improve the River Holme and create a diverse environment for wildlife. Burton Safes have really got behind us and are keen to support our philosophy of making the River Holme a better place for people, business and wildlife.

Staff at Burton Safes have adopted us as their nominated charity. A recent bake sale held by their colleagues raised almost £100!

Ben Lewis, Managing Director at Burton Safes said:

“We believe passionately in looking after our local environment. We understand that we have a responsibility to ensure that we minimize the impact of our operations. However, we also believe that creating an area where staff can enjoy nature and relax is beneficial to our business, so it’s a win/win situation. We’ve enjoyed working with River Holme Connections who have really helped us understand how to manage the riverbank, to encourage wildlife and keep it healthy.”

If your organisation is concerned about the presence of Japanese knotweed on your land call or email Simon our River Steward:

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