Passionate about making the River Holme a better place for people, businesses and wildlife

Making the River Holme a better place for all

Our long-term aim at River Holme Connections is to improve the River Holme for people, business and wildlife.

This involves restoring a healthy balance to the river, providing an environment for native wildlife to thrive and creating a destination for leisure and relaxation. We want the river to be a source of education for all ages and a place where people can re-discover nature.

It’s also an opportunity to connect villages and businesses, by creating a greenway that traces back from its confluence with the River Colne near Huddersfield town centre, up through the valleys, to the River Holme’s source in the moors of the Peak District.

Along the way, we’ll build staging posts for access and enjoyment of the river environment. We’ll increase awareness of the route between Huddersfield and Peak Park, and educate people about the diversity of native flora and fauna and how they can play their part in making the River Holme a better place for all.

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To achieve our vision, we've taken on a number of projects over the past few years. Click on the links below to read more about the projects we've completed and the projects planned for the coming months.

These projects are only possible with help from our dedicated supporters and volunteers. Find out how you can become involved.