Passionate about making the River Holme a better place for people, businesses and wildlife
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In Holmfirth, one of the only places to access the river Holme, is via the steps towards the rear of Crown Bottom Car Park, near the Co-op. It's a well-used area but it had become tatty and eroded. We held an informal consultation with visitors and members of the public, who told us that they wanted better access to the river, to see more wildlife, better vegetation management and more information about walking routes and heritage.

Their comments founded the basis for our Duck Feeding Area Phase I. Working with Kirklees Council, we secured funds for the following capital project:

Phase One - Autumn 2017  

Rebuilding the bankside to combat erosion

To make sure that the area could continue to be enjoyed by visitors and local people for years to come, we installed heavy duty foundations that can withstand high river levels. A stronger, flatter surface was then laid on top of these foundations.

Managing the trees and planting schemes to benefit wildlife and prevent damage to the area

Some trees were removed to let more light reach the riverbank, while other trees were 'pollarded', in other words, had their branches cut back to prolong their lives and prevent further damage to the path surfaces. In spring 2018, with the help of our volunteers, we planted wildlife friendly shrubs that are easy to maintain and won't be eaten by the ducks.

Better access for all visitors to the riverbank

The new, smoother surfaces look much more attractive and welcoming. While the path is mor accommodating for people who use wheelchairs or buggies.


Thank you to all our volunteers who helped with planting and maintenance of the area.

We're now on with Phase II, so if you want to help by donating a few hours of your time please get in touch


Who was the contractor for the landscaping project?

Slaithwaite based Garry Scott Groundworks completed the hard landscaping works.

How was the work funded?

Funders include River Holme Connections, Cobbett Environmental Ltd, Kirklees Rural District Committee, Players of the Postcode Lottery and the Co-Op Community Fund.

Were the ducks affected by the work?

We worked outside of the duck breeding season, giving the ducks ample room to move downstream. Now that the work is completed, the ducks are enjoying their new home.

We also educated people on the best food for ducks, such as frozen peas, and to avoid giving them bread, which is bad for ducks and can attract rats to the area.