Passionate about making the River Holme a better place for people, businesses and wildlife

Spa Wood


Lockwood Spa used to house a hotel spa to rival Harrogate. The spring that fed the spa came from Spa Wood, a peaceful haven for wildlife along the River Holme, just before it joins the River Colne at Folly Hall. For more information on the history of this site, visit Huddersfield Exposed website here.

The woodland here is a rich habitat of hazel and oak and birdlife close to town with a first rate bridleway and has been maintained by Greenstreams and LV Insurance for a number of years.

We've secured funding to improve the area by installing 2 wayfinding boards at either end of the 900m cycle path. We also plan to improve the existing 2 seating areas by installing a handrail for added safety.

We'll also be working with the local authority and the community to improve the area and combat fly tipping.

We need your help

As always we rely on the support of our dedicated volunteers and supporters. If you can spare any time - whether it's an hour each month or a day a week - to help us achieve our vision, then please get in touch.

Riverside Way Lockwood landscape – 448×335