Watch out for giant hogweed!

giant hogweed in spring

Have you heard about giant hogweed?

Giant hogweed has been spotted in the area. This invasive plant is particularly nasty as its sap can cause severe burns. We need your help to keep in under control.

What is giant hogweed?

Giant hogweeed is a non-native, invasive plant species. It's a member of the carrot family and a close relative of cow parsley.

Where did giant hogweed come from?

Giant hogweed came from Central Asia at the end of the 19th century. It was introduced as an ornamental plant, but 'escaped' and can now be found growing wild at the roadside, on river banks among other areas.

Why is giant hogweed dangerous?

The sap found in the leaves, stem, seeds and flowers is highly toxic. It makes the skin sensitive to sunlight, causing severe burns and sometimes permanent scarring.

If the sap gets into your eyes it can cause blindness.

It's important that you never touch giant hogweed without wearing protective clothing.

See the devastating effects of giant hogweed burns here.

What action should you take if you come into contact with giant hogweed?

If you come into contact with giant hogweed the advice is to wash the area with COLD water, keep out of the sun for 48 hours and seek professional medical help if you have a reaction.

If sap gets into your eyes, rinse well with cold water and seek medical help immediately.

Find out more here.

How to identify giant hogweed

Giant hogweed has a thick bristly stem and forms a rosette of jagged, lobed leaves in the first year before sending up a flower spike in the second year.

It can grow to up to 5m tall and has white flowers held in umbels, like the flat topped clusters of cow parsley and carrots. Find out more here.


Where has giant hogweed been seen?

Along the River Holme we know of two locations at Holme Valley Campsite in Thongsbridge and alongside the meadow between Peter Roberts Caravans in Honley and Brookes Mill.

Please get in touch if you spot giant hogweed

Please ring us and leave a message if you see giant hogweed on a riverbank, stating location and postcode or grid reference if possible. Contact 01484 661756.

Remember, don’t touch it without proper protective clothing.

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