Weirdest things we’ve ever found!

Pile of rubbish

To highlight the issue of fly tipping and rubbish polluting our rivers, we're coming clean about our weirdest finds.

It’s eye-opening what we and our volunteers find on our river clean up days. Our River Steward, Simon Hirst, explains more:

“We regularly clear up plastic wrappers, bottles and cans that have either been thrown or blown into the river. Other items such as traffic cones, supermarket shopping trolleys and bikes are sadly relatively common too. Every now and again though, even I’m amazed by some of the things we drag out of our local rivers.”

Our top three weirdest finds are:

At number 3:

School jumper

Found in the water at Sands, and no doubt its owner was in big trouble with his or her parents that day. We've concealed the school badge to protect the guilty!

Jumper in water

Item number 2:

Single blue stiletto

Found in the River Holme near Holmfirth, which makes you think that whoever had been wearing it enjoyed an interesting night out.

Shoe rubbish

And in the number 1 spot: A blue ‘boy’ mannequin

Our volunteers rescued Little Boy Blue from the River Holme earlier this summer.

How he got there, where he came from or who he is... nobody knows!

Blue manequin found in river

If you have any weird or wonderful river finds, let us know. Share your pictures with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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